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Daily small-group Niagara Falls tours with departures from central locations in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Pearson Airport. Depart around 8:30 AM and return around 5:00 PM to enjoy an evening in Toronto. Includes transportation in an air-conditioned bus and an experienced tour guide.

Experience a professionally designed 1-day itinerary of Niagara Falls that includes free time by the waterfalls, add-on activities (such as the Niagara Cruises boat tour, the Skylon Tower observation deck or a helicopter ride over the Falls), photo opportunities along the Niagara Parkway (Niagara Whirlpool, floral clock, hydro power stations and Queenston heights) and wine tasting (including Niagara’s famous icewine).

Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours is a proud partner of Destination Toronto, the Niagara Falls Tourism Association and Destination Ontario. We have been Toronto’s most well known and best selling tour operator for 30 years.

COVID-19 Update

  • Our tour is currently operating and adhering to Ontario’s safety protocols.
  • Our tour guides are fully vaccinated and receive regular temperature checks.
  • Face masks are required aboard the bus for the driver and passengers as per Ontario health regulations. Face masks are available aboard the bus for guests.
  • Hand sanitizer is available and gear/equipment is sanitizer between use.

Tour Details

  • Price: Adults $89, Children 11 and under: $79. Prices in CAD $. Plus tax. Pay with credit card when booking or select the “Pay on Arrival” option to pay with cash during your tour.
  • Pick up is between 8:00 – 9:10 AM, from 11 central locations in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Pearson Airport. Select your location when booking.
  • Return to your pick up location between 5:00 – 6:00 PM depending on traffic.
  • Our tour does not use large coach buses. We cater to small groups with vans that have 6, 14 and 24 seats.
  • Pay when booking with credit card or pay with cash in person.
  • Free cancelations with full refunds are available up to 24 hours from your departure time.
  • We are accommodating private tours. Please see our private tour information page.

BOOKING FOR 1 PERSON? We require 2 or more people to operate. If you are just 1 person, please email us to check if the tour is operating on the day you want to go. We normally answer within an hour. Thank you!

INTERESTED IN A FREE TOUR? For a limited time we will be offering free tours for people who want to be featured on our blog! We are looking for people who are interested in submitting a well-written 1200+ word recap of their experience on our tour, along with taking a few photos and maybe a video. Once you send us the recap, we will refund you the full cost of 1 ticket. If you are travelling with a group and more than 1 person is interested in this offer, we can accept multiple unique submissions. Email to let us know if you are interested! Submissions can be in English, French or Spanish.

Meeting Points

Free pick-up is available from 11 central hotels and locations in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Pearson Airport. Guests from Midtown Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Markham and other locations will have the easiest time meeting us in Downtown Toronto.

Click here to find your closest pick up location by searching for your hotel or address.

Tour from Downtown Toronto

Pick-up is available within a short walking distance of all major Downtown Toronto locations, between 8:00 to 8:45 AM. If you aren’t in Downtown, the easiest pickup points to reach are 279 Yonge St (Dundas Station / Dundas Square) or 100 Front St W, the Fairmont Royal York hotel (right across from Union Station).

Tour from Mississauga

Pick up from 2125 N Sheridan Way, Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 9:10 AM. Mississauga tours must be pre-paid.

Tour from Toronto Pearson Airport

Pick up from 925 Dixon Rd, DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Airport at 9:10 AM. Toronto Pearson Airport tours must be pre-paid. Available Saturday and Sunday only, for 2+ guests. If you would like to go on a weekday, please email us first. *We might be able to pick up from a different airport hotel upon request.

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Niagara Falls Tour Highlights

  • Round trip bus transportation from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Morning pick up from Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and the Pearson Airport. Early evening return so you can enjoy a full night in Toronto.
  • Travel with an experienced and licensed tour guide. Learn the history of Niagara Falls.
  • Enjoy free time to explore Niagara Falls and participate in optional activities like the Niagara Cruises boat tour, Journey Behind the Falls or the Skylon Tower.
  • Perfectly tailored 1 day itinerary for Niagara Falls. Includes the most famous parts of Niagara Falls including Clifton Hill, Queenston heights, the Niagara Whirlpool Rapids, a local country market and the scenic Niagara Parkway.
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for its wine. Our tour includes complimentary wine tasting with icewine. Finish your Niagara Falls experience with this classic wine tasting experience.
  • Join the highest rated Niagara Falls tours from Toronto. The tour itinerary is professionally curated by licensed tour guides to match daily seasonal conditions.

Wine Tasting

Niagara Falls Tour Wine Tasting

Niagara Whirlpool

Niagara Falls Whirlpool Rapids Aero Car Tour

Adam Sandler Niagara Falls

Adam Sandler Visiting Niagara Falls from Toronto

Floral Clock

Floral clock visit during Niagara Falls tour from Toronto

Private Tour to Niagara Falls

We can arrange private tours to Niagara Falls with an experienced guide. The tour can start from Toronto or Niagara Falls. We can accommodate any amount of guests. Customize the itinerary to your liking based on our recommendations and pre-pay for lunch and activities. Click here to learn more about our private Niagara Falls tour options and you can submit your request on that page or email us for quotes, itineraries and recommendations at

Tour Add-Ons

Decide and pay during your tour which activities you wish to do. No need to pre-purchase tickets online. It is a lot easier to pay at the attraction during your tour. You will have time for 1-2 of these depending on lines (unfortunately they do not offer line skip for tour groups). You can do the helicopter ride in addition to 1-2 other activities, just ask your tour guide about it at the start of your tour.

Niagara Cruises Boat Tour (Popular in the Summer)

  • The famous Niagara Cruises boat tour is open for the summer season.
  • The boat tour is optional and costs $35, tax included. Tickets will be purchased on the day of your tour with the help of your tour guide.
  • The boat tour is operated separately from this tour and availability is subject to change. Learn more and view schedules here. 

Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour

Niagara Falls Voyage to the Falls Niagara Cruises Boat Tour

Journey Behind the Falls

Niagara Falls tour guests from Toronto at Journey Behind the Falls

Skylon Tower

Niagara Falls Tour Skylon Tower Observation Deck

Niagara Helicopter Ride

Niagara Falls Tour Helicopter Ride

Niagara Falls Tour Itinerary

This is a 1-day day Niagara Falls bus tour form Toronto. Visit Niagara Falls in a small group with an experienced guide. The itinerary is jam packed to give you the most of your day in Niagara Falls. Our schedule is reviewed each day for weather and seasonal conditions that might impact your experience. This is a general example of a typical tour will look like, although we may add or remove stops depending on time and other conditions.

1 – Pick Up in a Comfortable, Air Conditioned Bus

Your day begins around 8:00 – 9:00 AM. We will pick you up from our of our central meeting locations in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga or the Pearson Airport area. All of our buses are modern, comfortable and with air conditioning. Travel with a small group (vans and buses with up to 6, 14 or 24 guests).

Our pick up route follows the path to Niagara Falls, so the trip might take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on your location. The good thing about leaving early in the morning is that we can skip major traffic. You will visit with an experienced and licensed tour guide. He/she will provide you with information while you are getting to Niagara Falls from Toronto. We also have TVs setup in our buses and will show you a video along the way so you can visually see some of the historical information.

2 – Free time in Niagara Falls

You will start your day with around 3 hours of free time to explore Niagara Falls at your own pace. Your tour guide will provide you with information and advice on how to spend your time. If you’re interested in a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, let your tour guide know when he picks you up if you want to do the helicopter ride.

Once you arrive at Niagara Falls, the first thing you will likely want to do is see the beauty of Niagara Falls and take some photos. From there you can do one of the famous activities Niagara Falls has to offer. The most popular options in the spring/summer is the Niagara Cruises boat ride. In the winter, since the boat ride is closed, guests usually opt for Journey Behind the Falls or the Skylon Tower. These add-ons can be purchased on the day of your tour at the ticket booth, so you don’t have to worry about deciding what to do when booking.

As part of your free time, you can visit the famous Clifton Hill strip. You will also have an opportunity to have lunch in Niagara Falls.

3 – Local Country Market

You’ll have an opportunity to check out a local market that grows its own fruits. You’ll be able to purchase Canadian goodies like local honey, maple syrup and fresh fruits.

4 – Niagara Whirlpool

The next stop will be at the famous Niagara Whirlpool. You will have time to take photos and see one of Ontario’s most beautiful natural bodies of water.

5 – Scenic Drive and Stops in Niagara Parkway

Enjoy a scenic drive across the famous Niagara Parkway. Along the way we will provide you with information and make stops.

Visit Queenston Heights and your tour guide will show you a scenic lookout point. This is a hidden gem that isn’t so well known. You will have a grand view of Niagara Falls from here.

Next you will get to check out the floral clock in the Botanical Gardens. The clock is made up of 16,000 carpet bedding plans. Take photos or ask your tour guide for a group shot.

From here we’ll check out the power stations that take advantage of the power in Niagara Falls.

6 – Wine Tasting at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Did you know that Niagara Falls is known for its wine? Specifically, Niagara Falls is one of just a few regions in the world that can make icewine. We will head over to Lakeview Wine Co for a short stop where you will have a chance to try their famous wines including icewine. In the summer they have a beautiful outdoor seating area. This will be one of the best photo opportunities of the day.

7 – Return to Toronto

After a long day, we’ll head back to Toronto. Depending on traffic conditions you should arrive back to your original location from around 4:30 to 5:30 PM. We’ll get back early enough that you can enjoy the evening in Toronto.

Niagara Falls Tours FAQ

Daily tours to Niagara Falls from Toronto. Depart around 8:30 AM and return around 5 – 6 PM. Travel with a small group in a comfortable air conditioned bus. Enjoy a narrated and guided day trip with an experienced tour guide. Our Niagara tour includes Niagara Falls, Queenston Heights, Niagara Whirlpool Rapids, wine tasting and other seasonal stops. Depart from Toronto earlier than other tour groups and avoid traffic and large crowds in Niagara Falls.

The Best Niagara Falls Trip. We are Toronto’s highest rated tour on several review platforms and are partnered with local tourism associations. Find out why thousands of reviewers from Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Viator, GetYourGuide and say we are the best Niagara Falls Tour.

Queen Tour picks up near every central Downtown Toronto location, in Mississauga and from Pearson Airport (weekends only). You can select your hotel or nearest meeting point when booking your tour. If you are not sure which location is closest to you, check out this list and map of pickup options. The walk to meet us is will be just a few minutes if you are in central Downtown Toronto.

Queen Tour’s Niagara Fall tour is around 9 hours long. Pick up from Downtown Toronto is from 8:00 – 9 am and return is between 5:00 – 6:00 pm, depending on traffic. This means you can enjoy a full day in Niagara Falls and return for an evening in the city.

You will have approximately 3-4 hours of free time in Niagara Falls, depending on daily conditions. This is enough time for one or two activities like the Niagara Cruises boat ride or Journey Behind the Falls, plus sightseeing and lunch.

Queen Tour uses new model vans minibuses that are 2016 or newer. All buses are upgraded for comfort and have air conditioning. On the day of your tour, you will see either a white or black bus with QUEEN written on it. Our vans and minibuses fit up to 6, 14 and 24 people.

Queen Tour’s Niagara Falls tour is a small-group tour, meaning you will be with groups of up to 6, 14 or 24. Most tour operators in Toronto use a coach bus, but we feel that it becomes too impersonal. From our view, a tour is more enjoyable with smaller groups.

No. We arrive early in Niagara Falls before other tour groups and large groups, so lines are not long. There is no reason to pre-purchase tickets because line skip is not available. You can decide on the day of your tour which activities to participate in. Options include the Hornblower boat ride, a helicopter ride over the Falls, the Skylon Tower or Journey Behind the Falls.

The Voyage to the Falls boat tour typically operates from May to November, depending on the weather. It might operate as early as April or as late as December. Operating days may vary from September to closing. To view schedules, click here.

We will have between 3 to 4 hours of free time in Niagara Falls. There is time for 1 activity to be guaranteed. You might be able to do a second activity depending on lines and daily conditions. Most people choose to do just the Voyage to the Falls boat ride in the summer or Journey Behind the Falls in the winter, but other options are available such as the Skylon Tower.

The Voyage to the Falls boat tour will take about 1 hour in total. The Skylon Tower will take about 1 hour. Journey Behind the Falls will take about 1 to 1.5 hours. Times may vary depending on lines and do not include travel distance.

A helicopter ride above Niagara Falls is available upon request. Let your tour guide know at the start of the day if you want to ride the helicopter.

You will avoid heavy rush hour traffic in Toronto. There won’t be big crowds in Niagara Falls at the time we arrive. You will return to Toronto early enough to enjoy a full evening in the city.

Yes. Tell your tour guide in advance that you wish to be dropped off at one of our other drop off locations and they will take you there if possible.

No. We only offer tours that return to Toronto. If you stay in Niagara Falls you will miss the second half of the tour because we cannot return to the hotel area once we depart in the afternoon. We don’t think it is fair to charge you for a partial tour. We would suggest finding alternate transport methods.

Large luggage will not fit. Small bags or carry ons can fit.

No. Foldable wheelchairs are permitted if they are thin enough to fit in-between a seat.

Infants can join. No ticket is needed if they sit on your lap. You can bring a child seat with the purchase of a child ticket. Please let us know in advance if you wish to bring a child seat on board.

Our Niagara Falls winter tour operates from December 1 – February 29. Please note that we require a minimum of 4 guests for the tour to operate. On rare occasions in the winter, if you booked alone and we don’t have a tour group (2+ people) we might need to move your tour to another day or refund your payment. If this is the case we will notify you with at least 24 hours notice of the change and offer you an alternate day or full refund.

The tour is mostly the same, however in the winter the itinerary will adjust slightly from day to day depending on weather conditions. Niagara Falls is beautiful in the winter and highly recommended.

The Voyage to the Falls boat tour, a popular summer activity, is not available in the winter.

Yes. Private tours are available for groups of up to 24 (or more in separate buses). We offer custom itineraries upon request. Click here to learn more about our private Niagara Falls tour options and to send your request. We will email you a proposed schedule and quote. We often cater to corporate teams, private parties and large groups. Smaller groups should consider joining our regular small group tour for a more affordable option.

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