Pay For Your Niagara Falls Tour

This form is only if you have already booked a tour and have not yet paid. If you have not yet booked your tour, you can book it and pay here. If the date is closed in the calendar, it means we are not available on that day.

If you booked with the “pay with cash” option and wish to pay with credit card, you can do so below. Only cash is accepted on the bus.

The tour price is CAD $99 for adults and CAD $90 for children 12 and under + taxes and fees. Adults come to a total of CAD $109.92 and children 12 and under to CAD $99.62.

Tour Payment

Tour Payment Form

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Pay for tour tickets, attraction tickets, or both. Prices in $ CAD and include all taxes and fees. If you already paid for your tour, leave the tour tickets blank and only add attractions.

Price: $109.92
Price: $99.62

Attraction Options

Boat Ride: Available in the summer Starting March 31

• Adults (13+): $37.79

• Child (0-12): $28.62

Winter Attractions: Available in the winter only when the boat is not running. The winter attraction options are Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara's Fury. Select either 1 or 2 winter attractions, and decide during the trip which to do.

1 Attraction

• Adults (13+): $20.61

• Child (0-12): $14.88

2 Attractions

• Adults (13+): $42.37

• Child (0-12): $30.91

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